Thursday, November 29, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

I love this time of the year!!! I think most people do. Something about all the wonderful traditions, lights, giving, food, family time...all the many things that make me look forward to December.

I love the Magic of Christmas but I battle with making sure my children know the real reason for the season. Santa sent Carter and Lily a wonderful gift this week. A letter and an elf. The letter was perfect. Santa talked about how he knows Jesus. How he knows Jesus' grace. He knows we aren't perfect and loves us anyway. Santa sent Henry the Elf to leave with us in December and ask that we help teach Henry about God's grace. Carter loved receiving a package from Santa. I loved watching him!

Our tree is up, presents are purchased, wrapped and under the tree. This Christmas season I plan on doing lots of fun memory making activities with my kids. Did I mention my amazing job gives me 2 weeks off in December!! Yes, I'm aware how blessed I am!

Merry Christmas family and friends. Remember to slow down this season, take a deep breathe and look around! We tend to rush through our days to hurry to the next project we let all the little things slip us by. Sit and enjoy the lights on your tree, read the story of Jesus' birth, bake something you haven't baked in a while...just enjoy the season!!

My favorite sign I saw on Pinterest said "Wise men still seek Him!" I know I do!!

Tigers or chicken??

Well, as many of you know...we are a house divided. 6 years ago I decided to be a clemson fan. Thought to myself, we'll, I don't mind either team so ill stick by my husband and wear orange on game day. Little did I know my son would chose to be a gamecock from the time he was old enough to understand. Ted couldn't understand. Only boy...pulling against his favorite team. After getting the most amazing perfect job I haven't been able to resist wearing garnet myself. I mean really, garnet is a much better choice to wear then orange. I'm sure you can agree with that, right! So here we are...divided. I am curious to see what side Lily will choose once she can understand. Right now we have Xan, Claudia, Harriet and Ted loving Clemson and me, Carter and Lily loving USC!

The girls went to the game...with the diehard gamecock Felder family. All left the house proudly wearing ORANGE!

Ted didn't take the lose as bad as I thought he would. He didn't finish watching and Carter didn't rub it in too much. We just hold up 4 fingers when walking around the house sometime. ;)

Until next year........


Hard to believe we will be saying 2013 soon!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I think I could say it was one of my favorites! Ted and Carter went hunting which was unsuccessful but I love them hanging out and bonding. carter has really started enjoying hunting. He ask Ted if they can go any time he can.

Lunch was perfect at John and Harriet's. Carter, Lily and Dessie played hard while we grown ups mingled around the amazing appetizers!

Dinner at moms was great too! All my family was there. We have grown to about 25! How blessed we are. My favorite thing at Thanksgiving is going around the room and letting each person say what they are thankful for. I'm thankful to know each of my family members know Jesus and invited Jesus to be in their hearts (and life!). What a wonderful feeling to know that I will get to be with my love ones when God calls us home. This is only our temporary home after all.

Here's the only pictures I took all day. Glad I got these!!

Hope your thanksgiving was filled with family, love, smiles, tender hearts, and laughter. I know mine was.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Fun Saturday!!

Today we went to the Tree Farm!! We couldn't asked for better weather. All our kids, Haha, Poppop, and Dessie! We grilled burgers, munched on blonde brownies, took a (small) hikes with the kids, and killed the golf cart. 😉 Sounds like a successful day to me!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Fun times! Halloween!

My Goodness---It has been a long time since I have had the time to update my blog.  Life is great just moving in the fast lane.

Had my first teacher conference yesterday with Carter's kindergarten teacher, Ms. Cobia.  She said he was the sweetest kid and she couldn't say a bad thing about him.  Proud momma!  He knows all of his letters and sounds so now we are working on READING!!!  His favorite thing in school right now (besides recess) is math.  He is so proud of himself.  He loving asking people to ask him how much 8+3 is or something.  I pray his love for school continues.

The preschool teachers all call Lily "Miss Diva".  They say she is always dressed, hair fixed and she is singing and performing in the class all the time.  She loves being in the spotlight.  I love her confidence and fun personality.  She is such a delight!

The girls are all doing great!  Basketball is getting ready to start for Claudia and Harriet.  They both enjoyed cheering (Claudia) and volleyball (Harriet) but time for the next sport.  Xan competed in the RCPL Teen Idol last night.  She did amazing.  Absolutely amazing.  I had chills the entire time she was singing.  I'll post a video soon!  (Again, the video isn't great but the audio is!)

We had an amazing Halloween this year.  I think it has turned in to one of my favorite holidays.  It is just fun!  I knew this would be my last year to pick Lily's costume so I searched and searched for the perfect one.  Found the idea on PINTEREST!  With the help of my amazing mother, we made the perfect clown costume for Lily!  She enjoyed "being funny"!  Carter started thinking about being a power ranger again---would only be the 3rd year of a power ranger.  Luckily, we found a cool Ninja costume.  He was the toughest ninja I've ever seen.


This weekend we get to celebrate my cousin, Andrew and his bride Brittney and Kim and Johnny as they get to stand before God and say their vows to each other.  I am so blessed that my family continues to grow!  I look forward to all the memories we will make as family!

Especially thankful that we are invited to the FELDER wedding.  It isn't every day that the X-husband and wife are invited but we are family!  God has blessed us with each other and we include each other like any other family member.  Odd are not---we are the core that holds the "Girls" together.  Kim and I have become very close over the last 6 years---I wish her nothing but happiness and love!  Best wishes Kim and Congratulations Johnny!  Pictures to come...