Monday, August 27, 2012

Where has the time gone!?!

My boss kept telling me that our summer was our busiest time...I had no idea.  We train teachers and when is the best time to train a teacher?  In the SUMMER!  205 teachers were trained here at USC, College of Engineering and Computing this summer.  Busy Busy! Even though it was a very busy time for me, I still love my job.  (Maybe even more:) 

Here are some things that has happen over the last few months:

Carter "graduated" from preschool:

Noah and Carter, his best friend!

Carter and Ms. Bruce

Big day for my little man!
Then, skip over the summer...
1st day of school!!!!

Oldest girl and only boy!

Our "Elementary" school kids.  Too bad it is different schools. :(


EARLY!!!  6:55am
Our only "Middle Schooler" Sweet Claudia

Walking Bubba to school on the first day!

Hard to believe, 5 kids in 5 schools!!!  Lily's preschool doesn't start until this Thursday so picture of her 1st day in the 2 year old class to come.
This past weekend Xan got her restricted license.  She is now able to drive alone until 6pm everyday!
Hard to believe we only have 3 more years with her before college!
We are all back in our routines. Starting Lily in Dance in December.  Carter is playing fall ball, coaches pitch.  Harriet has decided to play Volleyball this fall.  Practicing 2 nights a week and games once a week.  Claudia is trying out for the JV AC Flora Cheerleading team---tomorrow.  Xan has a difficult schedule this year.  She is taking a Physics and Chemistry, Pre Cal, English, History, Spanish III and her vocal production class!  AND--I'm taking 2 classes online. American History and Philosophy.  Busy household but thankful for all our blessing. 
I'm going to try my hardest to update my blog more recently.  Can't make any promises with the schedule above.