Monday, October 14, 2013

A new chapter

October is a big month for me.  My birthday and anniversary.  Only 4 days apart.  This year, things were even bigger. New chapter for me.  I left the 20's (finally!).  the BIG 3-0!  I was very excited.  I know many friends that were not excited for this birthday but I must admit that I love where I am in life.  I'm happily married, beautiful healthy children, great career.  Great friends and family to share my ride with!  I feel like the 20's had a lot of big life changes and now in my 30's I will get to enjoy all of them.  I'm settled and happy.

Wednesday my director informed me he was promoting me to Affiliate Director.  This is  HUGE to me.  Since I started here in August 2011, I knew from the first month that this was the perfect job for me.  I love the environment, I love my co-workers, and more importantly, I love what I do.  I love seeing how Project Lead the Way can make a teenager excited.  Give them insight on what to do with their life at an early age.  I feel that this job also has a meaning, which is important to me.  It has opened my eyes to different jobs and career paths that I wasn't really aware of.  I am now the South Carolina PLTW Affiliate Director for the Biomedical Sciences. 

I celebrated my birthday with my family Wednesday night.  Gifts, cake, and bingo!  Thought it was over...

Only to find out my mom and best friend, with Ted's help, had planned a surprise party for me!  I thought we were meeting my mom for dinner Saturday night.  Little did I know that 40 people were filling a room to help celebrate my birthday!  Pretty exciting.  I came in the wrong door (I'm too bossy and told Ted wrong door, someone is having a party in there! :)  Once my kids all made it to the front of the group, my eyes filled with tears.  I couldn't believe they pulled it off.  As I looked around the room, I was overwhelmed with the joy and love.  I couldn't believe it.  I made my way around the room and thanked each person for coming.

Sometimes, I pinch myself.  I don't get why sometimes I am so blessed?  It truly rains blessing on me.  And, here I am, proudly 30 being surprised by so many people that I love and cherish!  Taking the time from their schedule to celebrate with me. 

I appreciate each one of your for attending my "surprise" party! Family and friends, friend of mine, friend of my husband, or even a friend of my mom, thank you!  You are all friends to me.  Some I have known for 20+ years and some only maybe just a few but it was overwhelming to realize how many people can care and love for me!

This year, I wanted to celebrate my mom on my birthday. I wanted to make her smile, I wanted to give her something.  She is always so selfless when it comes to me and my family.  And let's be honest, without her there would be no me.  I sent her flowers on my birthday...if only I knew what she was planning!  Thank you mom for being my best role model.  Thank you for always loving me and supporting me.  I cherish our relationship and love you very much.  This is your year as well!  Enjoy it.

I look forward to this year and what this chapter has to hold for my life. I plan on embracing this chapter.  It's my chapter.  God has written it but I will fulfill it!

Thank you dear family and friends for making a difference in my life!  Thank you for making me smile!  To 30...

The Surprise

Krystal and Vicki

 Every party needs a cake!
My College group! Joey, Jesse, Lauren and Xan

My 2nd mom, Donna
                       Casi, my first friend, Me, and                              My sweet momma!
                            Vicki, my best friend.     

A true celebration!