Friday, February 10, 2012

My newest interest...PINTEREST!!! I absolutely love everything about that site.  I just joined last week but in a short few days I have pinned 416 things.  Everything from crafts, to kids idea's, food, dream house item, it just doesn't end!  If you haven't, please request an invitation from pinterest.  You will become inspired.  Here is a few of my favorites...

From my cleaning board:

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How to clean on grime from oven windows!

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From my KIDS board:
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Cute kids snack idea

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How to get sand off a baby
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From my CRAFT board:
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Ok, ok, I can't keep pinning on here...I might not stop. I love so many ideas!  I really hope to find the "Kreative Krystal" again and try some of these wonderful ideas in my home.    When I make something from PINTEREST, I will post pictures and let you know how mine turned out!

Busy weekend ahead.  Basketball playoffs start for Claudia, Circus with Carter and Lily and Monster Jam with Carter Saturday night!  Lily's first "friend" birthday party on Sunday.  We will need a weekend from our weekend but we are blessed and excited to spend time with our family.  Until next time...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


She's not MEAN but she is FIFTEEN!

Hard to believe the oldest of our children can DRIVE!  She passed and received her permit the day of her birthday.  She drove me from the DMV back to work, about a 15 minute drive.  She has been driving us everywhere since January 6th. Conquered the interstate, trying to learn a sense of direction, driving too slow (yes, too slow on the interstate), hit a tree with her daddy's truck, parking seems to be her biggest obstacle, and of course, keeping our "parenting" nerves at bay is probably the hardest thing. Over all, she has done really well.  We are very proud of her.

guess WHO turned TWO...

A new year...another birthday celebration!  Still too young to understand what was going but enjoyed eating her cake and blowing the candles out with her "bubba".

Lily also got her "gift" the next day...
her ears pierced!!!

Birthday's wouldn't be complete without a party.  We celebrated Lily's and Xan's birthday together with our friends and family.  What a fun party.  We are truly blessed to have these two wonderful girls in our life.

And last but not least...Lily's 2 year old pictures. 

Lots of pictures, lots of memories made.  We enjoyed January and celebrating!  Now on to February...