Sunday, March 3, 2013

Raising money!

I really do not enjoy selling wrapping paper door to door. I do not enjoy collecting the money or delivering the items once they arrive but lodging for Carter to get a move on can be very exciting!! Carter's school participated in a Boosterthon! He was so excited about it. Came home singing "funrun dot com!" Made me go to the website every night. I enjoyed this event because it was getting him to do something physical. Don't get me wrong, Carter loves to run. Always needs to test out his new shoes by seeing how fast he is but this was excited for us both. The Boosterthon people did a great job getting him pumped up everyday. One morning they were in the car rider line Jammin' some music. He loved it! I sent out emails to close family and friends. Posted on Facebook. The best part was that he had to actually run! He couldn't wait. He ran all 35 laps only walking 2 of those Laps. The "track" wasn't very big but it was still running! If I collect all money that was pledged for him it will equal $385! It would put him as raising the most money in the ENTIRE school. Needless to say we are both pretty ecstatic.

Thank you to each of you who pledge for my boy!! You helped push him to the end. The money will go to the PTO at his school for new technology.

Great event---great fundraiser!