Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Top 12 Memories of 2012...

Even though I think all pictures and memories are are my top 12 from 2012!

1. Xan getting her restricted!  Even though sometimes I rather drive myself then pay attention and give her driving the end I was very proud of her for passing and being able to take the next step in life.  ps: I love sending her to the grocery store! ;)

 2. One Sunday afternoon we took the kids to Sesqui State Park!  Had beautiful weather and a great adventure.


3. Charleston Weekend in March- Bridge run and Andrews Wedding.  Xan got to go with us to run the race and it was nice to be able to spend some time with just her.  Before long she will be off to college. :(  The wedding was beautiful and we danced the night away.

4. Work trip to St. Louis!  I don't travel much so traveling anywhere is fun for me.  I loved seeing a little of St. Louis and the FIRST Championship was very exciting.

5. Carter learning to ride his bike without training wheels. #proudmomma

6. Mother's Day.  This year was very special to me.  I woke up to several gifts on the table (which I LOVED!) and I got to cook a great dinner for my mom and grandmother.  #4generations

7. Selling of our company!!!  Looking forward to what the future holds for BrainTrust Tech.

8. Going to Shannon's babyshower.  It was so great to see so many great friends from high school!

9. Claudia making cheerleading at Crayton.  Even though it didn't turn out to be much of a cheerleading team, going through the tryouts and finding out she made the team was very exciting!!!

10.  Halloween!  This halloween was hands down my favorite!  I loved the kids costumes and taking them treak or treating at USC.  We had a wonderful time.

11. My mom's 50th Surprise party! 

12. New years eve beach trip!!  #lastpictureof2012

 That wraps up 2012.  I look forward to 2013 and everything it has to offer.  I thank God in advance for what he will do for and with my family!  God Bless!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Christmas as a DuBose!

Christmas at the DuBose's starts on Christmas Eve Eve! I found out a few years ago I rather celebrate earlier with our children in our home then pack up our gifts.  We cook a big breakfast for dinner and all 5 kids get to open their gifts from us.  It is such a special time for me.  We are not all running around, we don't need to watch the clock, we can just sit back and enjoy!  I have seemed to continue the 3 gifts only tradition which has turned out nicely.  It may come in a box or 2 but gift child only receives 3 gifts from us.  If Jesus was brought 3 gifts...why do I think my children need more?  It also makes buying a lot easier.  My best friend, Vicki, and her fiance, Cee, come which always makes my heart smile. :)

Granny with her kids and grandkids!
My mom with her kids and grandkids!

 We continued our Christmas celebration with breakfast on Christmas Eve at my mom's house.  We all enjoy the "Papa Swap"!  Always great laughs and this year every single family member was there.  I know we all make my papa proud by getting together/  He always enjoyed holidays...not for the gifts or food but for the company!  I still him and Grayson dearly but I know they live on in our hearts!

This Christmas was our first Christmas staying home in the morning.  We usually have breakfast at Kim's house and visit with the girls.  With Carter and Lily getting bigger and Kim remarried we thought this was a great time to start some new traditions in our home.  Carter and Lily got up at 6:45am to see if Santa had stopped by.  He did!!!
Doll house, umbrella, rain boots & puzzles!
Lots of Army trucks & men, crane with trucks, & rocket launcher!

They both were thrilled with all of Santa's gifts.  Me and Ted got to sit back and build a house and truck with Carter's lego and enjoy ourselves as well.  On to Haha and Poppop's by 11am to celebrate.  Carter and Lily enjoy every second at their house.  Between the hammick, the doll house, the kitchen, and the train set I don't they don't have a second left.  And last but not least we finished our Christmas night with my mom, brother, nephew, and grandmother at my house.  My amazing mother packed up food and brought over to so we could come on home.  Dinner was amazing.  My poor ole brother was a bit sick that night but he was a trooper.  After two months planning, shopping and buying it is over in a blink of an eye!  Kids were thrilled I was off for several more days (have I mentioned I love my job!) so they had lots of time to play with all their new toys. 

On to 2013...