Monday, April 22, 2013

My boy is six!

It's amazing how I often think time is crawling and then a kid has a birthday and I realize, time is flying! Can you believe I have a 6 year old? Sweetest, easiest, loving, talented, smart...ok ok you get the picture, amazing boy. Six years ago I was celebrating Easter, barely able to breathe and completely clueless how my world was going to change the next day. 5am came early. I remember still trying to debate with Ted on his name on the way to the hospital. 12 longs hour in labor. My nurses said they wouldn't leave me until they met him. 7:01pm Carter arrived. It was rough on both of us but It was worth every second and every pain.

Carter is such a joy to me and anyone he is around. I'm so happy to be his momma and can't wait to see what plans God has for his life. Being the only boy with 4 sisters I pray he has a sweet and sensitive side for his one day wife as well as having a stern back bone for sticking to his morals!

Carter had a wonderful 6th birthday party. First party where I invited ALL of his classmates. Yes all 28 plus his 2 teachers. 20 kids came, about 10 parents stuck around and 17 family and friends. Thank goodness for my large amazing back yard. With Carter's love for hunting it only seem fitting to have a hunting/camo party. Most kids(boys) were in camo and ready to hunt. Hunting license were available, target practice and of course a deer and boar. Boys will be boys and eventually they were shooting each other with the nerf bow and guns. Overall, Carter said it was a "totally awesome" party. Happy momma. Taking a break until the 8th birthday now...

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARTER! What a cool party? So perfect for him. You are the master theme planner!